Zil Residences

Zil Pasyon's architecture is designed and built to settle discretely among the Islands' unique granite boulders. The phrase, "We will have succeeded if nothing can be seen from outside the Island" was a starting point for this project which began with a Concept Design before reaching final completion. The Residences are part of the Six Senses resort in the Seychelles Islands on the private island of Félicité. Each of the 14 Residences are unique and contoured to follow the natural landscape. The residences are clad in black granite to blend in with the island rock. At the same time their geometric forms contrast with the soft weathered forms of the island, defining the emerging structures as man-made. Cool filtered light is delivered deep into the reception from glass floored roof top swimming pools. Angled wings force coastal breezes through the interiors providing natural cooling

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Zil Resort