Secret Beach, Antigua

Our latest Tropical Modern design project, named "Secret Beach," is located at the captivating Pearns Point, Antigua. Set for completion next year, this project is a unique zero-carbon house, making a bold statement on sustainable living. Constructed amidst beautiful mahogany trees, the house harmonizes with its environment, contributing to its zero-carbon status as the trees sequester carbon. Every aspect of the house's design is carefully planned to blend with its tropical surroundings, embodying the Tropical Modern aesthetic. This aesthetic marries the elegance of modern design with the vibrancy of tropical elements. More than just a house, this project is a sustainable living solution. It demonstrates that modern living can coexist with nature, creating a living environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing and comfortable but also beneficial to the planet. Secret Beach at Pearns Point, Antigua, is an architectural marvel. It combines modern design beauty with sustainable living principles, standing amidst the mahogany trees as a testament to our commitment to creating living spaces harmonious with nature.

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